Michael Olson - Projects

Getting my software

https://github.com/mwolson: I publish software projects here.

I've made code contributions to Git. git log --author=mwolson to see all of them.

Documentation: Documentation for the projects I maintain.

/dist: Browse the latest tarballs and releases.


I've made code contributions to Emacs. git log --author=mwolson to see all of them.

https://github.com/mwolson/emacs-shared: Emacs Configuration files and plugins that I use, with instructions for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu.

Emacs Muse: I was the maintainer for Muse, a publishing environment for Emacs.

ERC: I was the release manager for ERC, an IRC client for Emacs.

Planner Mode: I was the maintainer of Planner. Planner helps you tame your TODO lists using Emacs.

EMMS: EMMS is an Emacs MultiMedia System, which allows you to play music and videos from within Emacs. I wrote a MusicPD backend for it, and am the current release manager of the project.

ErBot: I've contributed code to this project. ErBot is an IRC bot that runs in Emacs.

I was the maintainer for Ubuntu's emacs22 package.


Git Cvs Sync: How to commit changes to a CVS repo but secretly use git to do most of the real work.

Purdue Linux Users Group (PLUG): I was the Vice President and Webmaster of the group for several years.

Reporting Emacs Lisp Bugs: How to report bugs in Emacs Lisp programs

HangIt: A game written in C and ncurses that is playable in both DOS and GNU/Linux.

DosUtils: Several small DOS utilities written for a programming contest in high school.



I wrote several programs for the TI-89 graphing calculator in high school. My author page on ticalc.org lists these, along with some eBooks. I made the front page news of ticalc.org once.


I've written a few things for the GP2X handheld device during college. I have contributed code to One More Music Player Client for the GP2X.


I purchased an OLPC XO-1, through their "Give One Get One" program. I used it as a primary laptop when I first moved to LA. I had to stop using it when the Ctrl key broke, as that made it challenging to use Emacs.