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8.7 Lists of items

Lists are given using special characters at the beginning of a line. Whitespace must occur before bullets or numbered items, to distinguish from the possibility of those characters occurring in a real sentence.

These are rendered as a bullet list.

     Normal text.
      - bullet item one
      - bullet item two

An enumerated list follows.

     Normal text.
      1. Enum item one
      2. Enum item two

Here is a definition list.

     Term1 ::
       This is a first definition
       And it has two lines;
       no, make that three.
     Term2 :: This is a second definition

Nested lists

It is possible to nest lists of the same or different kinds. The “level” of the list is determined by the amount of initial whitespace.

     Normal text.
      - Level 1, bullet item one
        1. Level 2, enum item one
        2. Level 2, enum item two
      - Level 1, bullet item two
        1. Level 2, enum item three
        2. Level 2, enum item four
           term :: definition

Breaking list items

If you want to break up a line within any list type, just put one blank line between the end of the previous line and the beginning of the next line, using the same amount of initial indentation.

      - bullet item 1, line 1
        bullet item 1, line 2
        1. Enum line 1
           Enum line 2
      - bullet item 2, line 1
        bullet item 2, line 2