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8.10 Bare URLs, WikiNames, and InterWiki links

A URL or email address encountered in the input text is published as a hyperlink. These kind of links are called implicit links because they are not separated from the rest of the Muse document in any way.

Some characters in URLs will prevent Muse from recognizing them as implicit links. If you want to link to a URL containing spaces or any of the characters “][,"'`()<>^”, you will have to make the link explicit. The punctuation characters “.,;:” are also not recognized as part of a URL when they appear at its end. For information on how to make an explicit link, see Hyperlinks and email addresses with descriptions.

If the muse-wiki module is loaded, another form of implicit link will be made available. WikiNames, which are typed in CamelCase, are highlighted and published as links, provided that the file they refer to exists.

Customization of WikiName recognition may be accomplished by editing the muse-wiki-wikiword-regexp option and subsequently running (muse-configure-highlighting 'muse-colors-markupmuse-colors-markup). If you use the Customize interface, the latter will be done automatically.

The muse-wiki module also allows for InterWiki links. These are similar to WikiWords, but they specify both the project and page of a file. The names of your project entries in muse-project-alist will be used as InterWiki names by default. Several examples follow.


In the first case, the interwiki delimiter is ‘::’, ‘Blog’ is the project name, and ‘DocumentingMuse’ is the page name. In the second example, ‘#’ is the interwiki delimiter. If the name of a project occurs by itself in text, like the third case, it will be colorized and published as a link to the default page of the given project.

Customization of interwiki links may be accomplished by editing the muse-wiki-interwiki-alist option.

It is also possible to link to an anchor in an interwiki document. This is called a “three-part link”. Examples of this follow.