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8.11 Publishing and displaying images

Image links

Links to images may be used in either the target or the description, or both. Thus, the following code will publish as a clickable image that points to


Normally, images in the link part will be inlined.

If you want these images to be published as links instead, place the text “URL:” immediately in front of the link text. An example follows.


Displaying images in Muse mode

If a link to a locally-available image is encountered in the link description, Muse mode will attempt to display it if your version of Emacs permits this.

This behavior may be toggled with C-c C-i, or disabled permanently by setting the muse-colors-inline-images option to nil.

The method for finding images may be altered by customizing the muse-colors-inline-image-method option. One useful value for this option is muse-colors-use-publishing-directory, which tells Muse mode to look in the directory where the current file will be published. The default is to look in the current directory. Relative paths like ‘../pics/’ should work for either setting.

Eventually, it is hoped that Muse will be able to copy images from the a “source” directory to a publishing directory by customizing muse-project-alist, but this has not been implemented yet.

Publishing simple images

The following example will display correctly and publish correctly if a PNG file called TestLogo.png exists in the ../pics/ directory. If text is on the same line as the picture, it will remain so in the output.


Publishing images with captions

If you want to add a caption to an image, use the following syntax. This will center the image (if the output format supports it) and add a centered caption below the picture. Formats that do not support centering the image will instead leave it against the left margin.

     [[../pics/mycat.png][My cat Dexter]]

Images with captions may only occur in their own paragraphs, with no text on the same line. Otherwise, the published output will not be syntactically correct.