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12.1 Interface to PGG

Make sure to set pgg-gpg-user-id to your user id. Eg:

     (setq pgg-gpg-user-id "Your user id")

There are two interfaces to PGG. This can be controlled via setting the variable emacs-wiki-pgg-interface to the correct function:

— Variable: emacs-wiki-pgg-interface
pgg-encrypt-region1 is called interactively after setting point and mark. Recipients are read from the minibuffer.
This is a personalized version of pgg-encrypt-region that is intended when the recipient is self. Message is signed if emacs-wiki-pgg-sign is non-nil. You are welcome to change pgg-encrypt-sign-self in emacs-wiki-pgg.el to suit your needs.
— Variable: emacs-wiki-pgg-sign

Set to non-nil if you want the message to be signed when the interface is pgg-encrypt-sign-self.


[1] A function defined by PGG