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8 Interactive Functions

emacs-wiki.el defines the following interactive functions:

— Function: emacs-wiki-edit-link-at-point

Edit the current link. Do not rename the Wiki page originally referred to.

— Function: emacs-wiki-find-file wiki command directory

Open the Emacs Wiki page wiki by name. If command is non-nil, it is the function used to visit the file. If directory is non-nil, it is the directory in which the Wiki page will be created if it does not already exist.

— Function: emacs-wiki-next-reference

Move forward to next Wiki link or URL, cycling if necessary.

— Function: emacs-wiki-previous-reference

Move backward to the next Wiki link or URL, cycling if necessary. This function is not entirely accurate, but it's close enough.

— Function: emacs-wiki-refresh-buffers &rest args

Rebuild file alist and refresh current project. Call after creating a page.

— Function: emacs-wiki-follow-name-at-point other-window

Visit the link at point, or insert a newline if none.

— Function: emacs-wiki-follow-name-at-point-other-window

Visit the link at point in other window.

— Function: emacs-wiki-follow-name-at-mouse event other-window

Visit the link at point, or yank text if none.

— Function: emacs-wiki-follow-name-at-mouse-other-window event

Visit the link at point.

— Function: emacs-wiki-rename-link-at-point

Rename the link under point, and the location it points to. This does not work with URLs, and will preserve a description in an extended link.

— Function: emacs-wiki-delete-link-at-point

Delete the link under point, and the location it points to. This does not work with URLs.

— Function: emacs-wiki-search text

Search for the given text string in the Wiki directories.

— Function: emacs-wiki-backlink

Grep for the current page name in all the Wiki directories.

— Function: emacs-wiki-index

Display an index of all known Wiki pages.

— Function: emacs-wiki-highlight-buffer

Re-highlight the entire Wiki buffer.

— Function: emacs-wiki-visit-published-file arg

Visit the current Wiki page's published result.

— Function: emacs-wiki-dired-publish

Publish all marked files in a dired buffer.

— Function: emacs-wiki-publish-index

Publish an index of the Wiki pages. This function can be added to emacs-wiki-after-wiki-publish-hook.

— Function: emacs-wiki-publish arg

Publish all Wikis that need publishing. If the published Wiki already exists, it is only overwritten if the Wiki is newer than the published copy. When given the optional argument arg, all Wikis are rewritten, no matter how recent they are. The index file is rewritten no matter what.

— Function: emacs-wiki-publish-this-page

Force publication of the current page.

— Function: emacs-wiki-change-project project

Change Wiki projects.

When called interactively, load the welcome page of the selected project in a new buffer. If no project is selected, the default project as specified in emacs-wiki-default-project will be used.

Note that the project will only be changed if the welcome page exists for the target project. This may be changed in the future to find a nonexistent file, though if this happens it is not clear which of Wiki directory should be used in the case of there being multiple directories.

When called from a Lisp program, update the current buffer's project to project.