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9 Convenience Features

The following are several miscellaneous features that might make your emacs-wiki experience more enjoyable.

Using pcomplete

If you have pcomplete loaded, you can type M-TAB to complete Wiki names. Hitting M-TAB two or more times in succession will cycle through all of the possibilities. You can find pcomplete.el in the contrib directory that comes with the emacs-wiki tarball.


If you use a ChangeLog (C-x 4 a) within one of your Wiki directories, it will be used for notifying visitors to your Wiki of recent changes.


Macros can be defined for text that you use often. Consult emacs-wiki-macros.el for information on using this feature.


This feature allows you to make custom and auto-generated navigation menus. Please consult the top of the emacs-wiki-menu.el for reasonably complete documentation.