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Naruto is an anime series that was very popular in 2003. Fansubs of it were all over the net, and new episodes were being developed rapidly. If I recall correctly, there are at least 150 episodes. I have seen 81 of them.

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Hatake Kakashi
Instructor of Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura.
Uzumaki Naruto
The main character of the series. Fiesty in every sense of the word, mediocre talent at first.
Uchiha Sasuke
Naruto's rival and partner, the last remaining survivor of a clan that was wiped out.
Haruno Sakura
Smart female ninja who is no good at fighting inititally. It is presumed that she will improve after studying with Tsunade, a medical ninja.
Maito Gai
Rival of Kakashi. Prefers action to words and hates people like Kakashi who are seen as "cooler" than he is.
Rock Lee
Gai's favorite student, his progeny of sorts. One of my favorite charcters to watch in fights.
Hyuga Hinata
A shy female ninja who has inherited the Byakugan talent. Likes Naruto. Initially mediocre, she improves notably and becomes a more talented fighter than Naruto. She is another of my favorites. Fighting style: "Gentle fist" (I find this amusing).


The story takes place in a ninja village in Japan, in the past. Naruto, the main character, tries to make the people of the village acknowlegde his talent by becoming a skilled ninja.


One of the most amusing parts of the story is when Gai-sensei hands Naruto one of his green costumes and tells him that it will help him be a more successful ninja. The funny part about this scene is the way they animate the facial expressions, like the "glint-of-light-off-the-teeth" thing.

I enjoy seeing Rock Lee's fight scenes the most. One of the main reasons I couldn't get into the Naruto manga is that it can't adequately display all of the battles that go on in the anime.

I also enjoyed the following dialogue between Hinata and an enemy ninja in episode 190. Naruto needed a three-on-one advantage to win, but Hinata single-handedly dealt with this guy ... I think it's clear who the better ninja is.

After you divulge that kid's whereabouts, go and live with that kid in Hell!
[...] The ones going to Hell are you and me!

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