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This is a collection of my thoughts concerning Final Fantasy X, which was one of the first games I purchased for the Playstation 2.


The company behind the Final Fantasy series is Square Soft (called Square Enix now). They were the ones who created one of my favorite games, Chrono Trigger. The soundtracks of the Final Fantasy games are done very nicely, almost without exception. They are easily the most-requested titles at VGamp, an internet radio station dedicated to game music that I listen to sometimes.


I think it might have been a bit of a jump for me to go straight from Chrono Trigger to Final Fantasy X. My cousin tells me that Final Fantasy 7 was what really got him into Final Fantasy games. I heard from him that Final Fantasy X-2, the next in line after Final Fantasy X, is mostly about fan service, since they have the three female characters lead the group, unhappily attired.

As you will find in my What Is Worthy list, I value modesty in attire. So it disappoints me that Square would produce a game that appeals to the baser nature. In Final Fantasy X, there are notable lapses of modestly, but things are not as bad as they could be.

I believe there to be a part of me that is base and a part that is, for lack of a better word, celestial. It is that latter part that attracts me to God and to the fantasy genre. It is the part of me that takes delight in the good, wherever it may be found. If a game does not appeal to this side, but does appeal to the base, it simply will not be permitted by my internal arbiter, and I cannot enjoy it.


The basic premise of this game is that the main character is sent forward in time when an amphibious monster called Sin attacks his city. Upon arriving in the new place, he meets a summoner named Yuna whose quest is to defeat Sin. For lack of better things to do with his time, he decides to aid her by becoming one of her guardians and joining the quest.

When he starts his quest, we learn about the Order of Yevon, the group of monks, nuns, and the like who supposedly represent the sole deity "Yevon". There is a Temple of Yevon in nearly every major city. Yuna is supposed to visit each temple and gain the aid of mythical fighting creatures called Aeons.

One of the major players in the high council of Yevon we end up battling early in the game after finding that he had murdered his father and harbored darkness in his heart. After defeating him, the entire Order of Yevon begins to turn against us.

This high character that we defeated was not properly "sent to the Far Plane", so he remains on the earth, even though we killed him. This loser also wants Yuna's power so he can become the all-powerful Sin and wreak havoc on the entire world. Since death does not have finality in this game, the character wants everyone to die so that they can enjoy the same "peace" that he has. How ... umm ... altruistic.

The group is captured after an attempt to save Yuna from a perilous situation. The details of this situation are what begin to disenchant me with the game. The situation involves this dead character trying to marry Yuna. How entirely unpleasant. The group escapes temporarily and then is re-captured. They are sentenced by "Yevon" to confinement in this place. During the sentencing, we learn that 2 out of the 3 high councilmen of Yevon are actually deceased, but clinging to their earthly form. The guy we defeated earlier is one of them.

Our group escapes from the confined area and battles the guy we defeated earlier again. I have not made it all the way through the game, but I suspect that we will see him once more before the end. About this time, we find that in order for Yuna to defeat Sin, she will have to summon a Final Aeon who will take her life. Once again, unpleasant. The group decides to try to find a way of saving her, but they continue the quest in the meanwhile.

One more thing about this Sin character: it is reborn every ten years or so. Between this and experiencing the corruption in the High Council of Yevon, they feel bitter about the whole quest. It is so incredibly pointless and annoying to have to keep defeating something. Like, ahem, a few bosses in this game ....

I hope to finish this game sometime soon, but I might just wimp out and read through a guide. I really do not feel like finishing the game anymore, after having to deal with characters who were defeated previously. The whole death concept in the game is very annoying as well and does not jibe well with my beliefs.

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