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6 Function Reference

remember.el defines the following interactive functions:

— Function: remember initial

Remember an arbitrary piece of data. With a prefix, it will use the region as initial.

— Function: remember-region beg end

If called from within the remember buffer, beg and end are ignored, and the entire buffer will be remembered. If called from any other buffer, that region, plus any context information specific to that region, will be remembered.

— Function: remember-clipboard

Remember the contents of the current clipboard. This is most useful for remembering things from Netscape or other X Windows applications.

— Function: remember-buffer

Remember the contents of the current buffer.

— Function: remember-mode

This enters the major mode for output from remember. This buffer is used to collect data that you want remember. Just hit C-c C-c when you're done entering, and it will go ahead and file the data for latter retrieval, and possible indexing.