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7 Keys Used in Muse Mode

This is a summary of keystrokes available in every Muse buffer.

C-c C-a (`muse-index')
Display an index of all known Muse pages.
C-c C-b (`muse-find-backlinks')
Find all pages that link to this page.
C-c C-e (`muse-edit-link-at-point')
Edit link at point.
C-c C-f (`muse-project-find-file')
Open another Muse page. Prompt for the name.
C-c C-i l, C-c TAB l (`muse-insert-relative-link-to-file')
Insert a link to a file interactively.
C-c C-i t, C-c TAB t (`muse-insert-tag')
Insert a tag interactively.
C-c C-i u, C-c TAB u (`muse-insert-url')
Insert a URL interactively.
C-c C-l (`font-lock-mode')
Toggle font lock / highlighting for the current buffer.
C-c C-p (`muse-project-publish')
Publish any Muse pages that have changed.
C-c C-s (`muse-search')
Find text in all files of the current project.
C-c C-t (`muse-project-publish-this-file')
Publish the currently-visited file. Prompt for the style if the current file can be published using more than one style.
C-c C-S-t, or C-c C-M-t (`muse-publish-this-file')
Publish the currently-visited file. Prompt for both the style and output directory.
C-c C-v (`muse-browse-result')
Show the published result of this page.
C-c = (`muse-what-changed')
Diff this page against the last backup version.
Move to the next Wiki reference.
Move to the previous Wiki reference.
Complete the name of a page from the current project at point.
Insert a new list item at point, indenting properly.
Decrease the indentation of the list item at point.
Increase the indentation of the list item at point.
M-x muse-colors-toggle-inline-images RET
Toggle display of inlined images on/off.
M-x muse-update-values RET
Update various values that are automatically generated.

Call this after changing muse-project-alist.