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8.3 Directives at the beginning of a document

Directives are lines beginning with the ‘#’ character that come before any paragraphs or sections in the document. Directives are of the form “#directive content of directive”. You can use any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters for directives, even if the directive is not in the list below.

The muse-publishing-directive function may be used in header and footer text to access directives. For example, to access the #title directive, use (muse-publishing-directive "title").

The following is a list of directives that Muse uses.

The author of this document.

If this is not specified, Muse will attempt to figure it out from the user-full-name variable.

The date that the document was last modified.

This is used by publishing styles that are able to embed the date information.

A short description of this document.

This is used by the journal publishing style to embed information inside of an RSS/RDF feed.

The title of this document.

If this is not specified, the name of the file is used.