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8.14 Support for citing other resources


Here is an example of what citations look like in a Muse document.

     #bibsource REFDB
     * Title
     ** Subtitle
     Some text before <cite>Miller1999</cite> and after the citation.
     This is an author-only citation <cite type="author">Miller1999</cite>.
     And this is a year-only citation <cite type="year">Miller1999</cite>.
     Finally, this is a multi-head citation


The #bibsource directive defines the source of the bibliographies. The following sources are possible.

Citations are encoded as <cite> elements which enclose the citation keys as they are defined in the bibliography file or database. In multi-head citations, the citation keys have to be separated by colons or semicolons. The latex and docbook styles translate these to the proper separator automatically.

The <cite> elements take an optional “type” attribute that defines how the citation is rendered. If the attribute is missing, you'll get a regular citation according to the bibliography style, e.g.” (Miller et al., 1999)”. If the attribute is set to "author", only the name of the author(s) will be rendered. Accordingly, "year" will cause the year to be printed. This is useful to create citations like this:

     Miller et al. had already shown in a previous publication (1999) that
     this is not going to work.

Remember that refdb-mode (the Emacs interface to RefDB) can retrieve references by simply marking the citation key and running the refdb-getref-by-field-on-region command. Later versions of refdb-mode will also allow to insert references as Muse citations (which is already implemented for DocBook, TEI, and LaTeX documents).

You may have noticed that there is no element to indicate the position of the bibliography. The latter is always created at a valid position close to the end of the document. The functions muse-docbook-bibliography and muse-latex-bibliography are called in the header or footer to generate this content, so it is possible to change the exact position.