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6 Keystroke Summary

Here is a summary of keystrokes available in every Wiki buffer:

C-c C-a
Jump to an index of all the Wiki pages.
C-c C-b
Show all pages that reference this page.
C-c C-s
Search for a word in your Wiki pages.
C-c C-f
Jump to another Wiki page. Prompt for the name.
C-c C-l
Highlight/refresh the current buffer.
C-c C-p
Publish any Wiki pages that have changed as HTML.
C-c C-r
Rename Wiki link at point.
C-c C-t
Publish the current Wiki page.
C-c C-e
Edit link at point.
C-c C-v
Change Wiki project.
C-c C-D
Delete Wiki link at point. This binding will only work on X.
C-c =
Diff this page against the last backup version.
Insert a tag interactively.
Move to the next Wiki reference.
Move to the previous Wiki reference.